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Home Decor: A Nice DIY Surprise For Your Love

I'm all about DIY projects around our home lately. It's so satisfying to achieve a little beauty 
within a very short amount of time. And if you can make your other half happy 
with those small projects...what's better than that?

Home Decor: Quick DIY Bedhead Makeover

I love this new bed (Brimnes from IKEA) we have because it has so much storage room underneath and 
even the bedhead has so much space to offer. We both put up all our favorite books 
there so there are literally books everywhere in our apartment. 

Outfit: DIY-Wrap Dress

So! The rain stopped for the first time since last Sunday and we could finally take pictures of my 
new wrap dress. I have to admit, I'm not satisfied with it. I like the colors but the fit is a disaster!
The pattern was made for women with a little less breast I suppose so I cannot wear it without 
a top or my breasts would be too independent;o) 

Home Decor: In Love With My Garden

Oh how I love Spring and Summer!!! It's just so wonderful to see what little flower opens up
every day and how fast everything is growing. 
We arrived here in February so everything was grey and I didn't know which plants and 
flowers were already there in our garden. So now I discover new blossoms every day and am 
acting like a small child at a Christmas tree:o)